Welcome to IVCF City Marketing in Europe 2018/19!

International Virtual Consulting Firm – City Marketing in Europe – is marking its 10th anniversary in 2018. Since its foundation, the IVCF has become a rich learning and research environment in which we have been able to share and gain insight into the way firms and companies operate, are linked to and depend on specific (urban) contexts and networks.

The minor entitled City Marketing in Europe (CME) is designed to give students a close-up look at City Marketing and has been developed in cooperation with the Knowledge Economy of Amsterdam Research Group (based at the CAREM Research Centre), Amsterdam Schhol of International Business Studies and Urban Management.

You will literally ‘take part in the city’ in order to develop an understanding of the minor’s central questions, such as: What is city marketing? How can you brand a city? Is it possible to brand a city? When does city marketing work and when does it not?  The minor will enable you to understand the various methods that cities use to position themselves favourably. The factors that are important for the sustainability and popularity of a city include: connectivity, housing, economy, culture, tourism, creativity, education and research. You can expect to look more closely at areas like these during this minor.

This year, to commemorate the anniversary and encapsulate a decade of knowledge and experience, a publication will be produced to which you will contribute.



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